Want to Drink More Water and Less Beer?

Want to drink more water? Want to drink less beer? Turns out the shape of your glass affects how much you drink.

In a study conducted by Angela Attwood from the University of Bristol found that people drink almost twice as quickly from curved glasses as opposed to a glass with straight sides. Quick consumption leads to lots more consumed. This could be because we tend to judge portions and sizes based on external cues such as the shape of the container. It’s much easier to determine volume in a regular shape than it is if the shape is somewhat triangular or curved.

In addition, when it comes to beverage glasses with straight sides we will consume more if the glass is short and squat than if it’s tall and thin. Studies show we tend to make volume estimations based on height rather than width. The shorter the glass the less beverage you think it contains. So drink your water from a double old fashion glass and your beer from a champagne flute and you’ll drink a lot more water and a lot less beer.

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